Richard Cohen Writes How Americans Shy Away From Criticizing Religion Hot

Richard Cohen Writes How Americans Shy Away From Criticizing Religion

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Richard Cohen, a columnist for the Washington Post, writes about how people in America are shying away from criticism of religion and religious beliefs. Specifically, some people are objecting to criticisms of political pronouncements by Republican presidential candidate Pat Robertson simply because there is a religious background to his statements.

Cohen writes:

"Increasingly in this country, we shy from any confrontation or criticism of religion, even when it intrudes upon the secular.

No journalist has covered any of the recent so-called creationism trials with the bite and ridicule that H.L. Mencken brought to the same issues in the 1920s. We tend, instead, to treat all ideas as if they were equal. ...

Robertson is given the same sort of leeway. His pronouncements are considered unassailable simply because they are religious and, perhaps, because criticism of him would offend his followers.

He is excused from offering any evidence for his statements, from the obligation to be logical or, even, to be fair. No one wants a theological debate, but the debate is not about theology but how Robertson applies it to politics.

That debate ought to be vigorous."


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