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Death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, 1979

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Mother Teresa dies in Calcutta, India, at the age of 87. Her health has been in serious decline for more than a year, and in March she stepped down as the head of Missionaries of Charity.

Born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in Skopje in the Ottoman Empire (later Macedonia), she founded The Missionaries of Charity in 1950, the purpose of which will be to care for "the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the crippled, the blind, the lepers, all those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for throughout society, people that have become a burden to the society and are shunned by everyone."

According to critics, though, Mother Teresa used her charity to promote an extreme form of Catholicism. As a consequence, she has done relatively little to alleviate genuine suffering in India and elsewhere. Mother Teresa has also refused to return donations raised through fraud, and has encouraged the poor to simply accept their poverty rather than fight it and try to change the economic circumstances around them.


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