Siemens Gives up Efforts to Register 'Zyklon' as Trademark for Vacuum Cleaner Hot

Siemens Gives up Efforts to Register 'Zyklon' as Trademark for Vacuum Cleaner

Prisoners working at the Siemens factory at Bobrek, a subcamp of Auschwitz, c. 1944

Siemens, a German industrial firm with a history going back to the 19th century, abandons efforts to register "Zyklon" as a trademark name around the world for consumer products — including gas ovens.

The name Zyklon, which means "cyclone" in German, is best known for its connection to the Zyklon B poison gas used to murder millions in the Nazi concentration camps.

Siemens was the company which manufactured the gas ovens used to cremate millions of people murdered by the Zykon B gas. Siemens also used slave labor around the Nazi concentration camps to manufacture war materiel for the Nazi forces.

The Zykon B gas was a refined version of Zykon A gas, a pesticide created by Fritz Haber, one of the pioneers of chemical warfare during World War I. Haber, ironically, was born to a Hasidic Jewish family, and most of his extended family were killed by Zyklon B gas.

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